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  • Siemens:
    The PROBENCH is a compact exhaust gas preparation module. It basically consists of a pump-filter combination for preparing exhaust gases as measured in petrol engines. In addition the module contains automatic condensation traps, fresh air filter and connection facilities for electrochemical O2 and NO sensors. Use of the PROBENCH minimizes the piping in the exhaust gas tester.
    Contains the following elements:
    Particle filter
    Fresh air filter
    Fresh air magnetic valve
    Water trap
    Double-headed pump
    Technical data:
    Gas flow: min. 120 l/h, max. 260 l/h
    Power supply, pump: AC 12/24 V
    Power requirement, pump: ca. 20 VA
    Power supply, magnetic valve: DC 24 V
    Permissible ambient temperature:
    Operation: 0 to 60 C
    Storage: 20 to +70 C
    Permissible rel. humidity in operation: max. 90 %
    ULTRAMAT 13L, Exhaust-Gas Tester for Gasoline Engines

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