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Flammable Gases and Vapors

Area Monitoring System

  • Control Instruments Corp.:
    The Catalytic Sensor for SmartMaxII employs the same, reliable field-proven catalytic sensor used in all Control Instruments catalytic systems. The assembly differs only in that it includes sealed electronics that enable the sensor to be used with the SmartMaxII controller.
    Sensor Design:
    The Catalytic Sensor consists of two matched, heated elements arranged in a Wheatstone bridge, one catalytically active and one inert. The active element is sensitive to all flammable gases, while the inert one compensates for ambient temperature and pressure changes and physical properties of the sample gas. The presence of flammable gas causes the active element to catalytically oxidize the gas and the resultant thermal reaction is displayed in terms of 0-100% Lower Flammable Limit (LFL) on the SmartMaxII controller.
    Sampling System:
    The sensor relies on diffusion for sampling. In the diffusion mode the sensor detects a flammable gas by direct sampling of the atmosphere through the sensor flame arrestor.
    The sensor is completely factory assembled, calibrated and tested with its control monitor prior to shipment.
    Calibration 0-100% LFL
    Catalytic Sensor for SmartMaxII
  • Monitoring, Inc. The instrument allows to determine the total explosion hasard of multicomponent potentially explosive gas-vapor-air mediums.
    Components to be determined are hydrocarbons of the series 1 - 18, vapors of organic solvents and organic coolants (such as ethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, acetaldehyde, diphenyl ether, terphenyl) and their mixtures. The exception is the hydrogen and the substances, including sulfur and halogens.
    Principle of operation: Thermochemical - determination of thermal effect of oxidation reaction of flammable components on the catalytically active surface of sensitive element.
    Measurement range, % LEL (lower explosion limit): 0 - 50
    Gas analyzer of flammables -2

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