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Gas Analyzers

Vehicles Exhausts

Portable Monitoring System of Vehicles Exhausts

  • Gas Analyzers of Etas Group:
    The MTS 1100 Emission gas analyzer is a portable exhaust gas analyzer. This precision instrument is specifically designed to address service needs associated with basic and enhanced inspection and maintenance (I/M) test programs throughout the USA, and to assist with drivability diagnostics.
    Guided by menu driven software, the MTS 1100 Emission Analyzer is designed to be easy to operate and maintain through on-screen procedures and Help functions.
    Connecting an MTS 1100 Emission Analyzer to an MTS 3100 Scan Tester supports the diagnosis of emission related problems by comparison or combining of MTS 1100 sensor data with ECU internal data.
    The MTS 1100 Emission Analyzer is available in 4 or 5-gas configurations (MTS 1100-4 and MTS 1100-5)
    MTS 1100 Emission Analyzer
  • Gas Analyzers of HORIBA:
    Back-lit screen displays step-by-step instructions for easy data setup and periodic diagnostic checks.
    Screen icons show analyzer status, direction of current measurement, and error or abnormal reading warnings.
    One key-press automatically performs span-gas calibration when analyzer port is connected to Horiba's blended three-gas span cylinder.
    Built-in pressure sensor allows compensation for atmospheric pressure changes.
    Suction fan helps water separator cool and remove excess water from sample.
    Automatic stand-by mode after 30 minutes of non-use prolongs analyzer life.
    Transparent dust-filter cap for checking filter condition at a glance.
    The measuring process begins with automatic zero and sensitivity calibrations. During prolonged testing periods, the analyzer automatically runs intermittent zero calibrations to ensure accuracy. The attachable sampling unit has a probe that fits into all types of exhaust pipes
    MEXA-324J/554J -- Portable Emission Analyzers
  • Gas Analyzers of Sensors, Inc.:
    The final configuration of the instrument represents the best in available technology, comprising a combination of Flame Ionization Detection (FID) with Non-Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) and Non-Dispersive UltraViolet (NDUV). These methods provide direct comparison to test cell measurements for THC, CO, CO2, NO and NO2 in compliance with CFR-40, 1065 Subpart J.
    Using Sensors’ tailpipe exhaust flowmeter and our link to the vehicle’s on-board computer, emission data can be instantaneously measured and presented in g/m (or g/km), g/kg fuel or g/bhp-hr.

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