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Gas Analyzers (NOx, CO, THC, Multicomponents, Previous and Other Components by In-Situ Instruments)

  • Gas Analyzers of Environnement S.A:
    3 versions available:
    - gas analyzer TOPAZE 32M-s : NO or NOx monitoring
    - gas analyzer TOPAZE 32M-D : NO-NOx and NO2 simultaneous monitoring
    - gas analyzer TOPAZE 32M-W : Two-channel NO or NOx monitoring
    Heated block from the sampling inlet to the cappillaries (up to 150°C).
    Built-in low temperature converter oven.
    Ranges : 0-10/100/1000/10000 ppm or 0-0.1/1/10/100 ppm
    Chemiluminescent Heated Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer, Model Topaze 32MTM
  • Gas Analyzers of HORIBA:
    The analyzer uses the chemiluminescent method and has few moving parts. It performs accurate measurement for long periods and is highly stable. The detector and sample chamber are specifically designed to minimize interference and quenching effects.
    Standard ranges: of 0–20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 ppm are provided with 0-2.0 or 0-10 ppm minimum ranges optional
    CLA-510SS NOx Analyzer

  • Gas Analyzers of Environnement S.A:
    NDIR GFC method.
    Interactive menu driven software with enhanced speed display, real-time synoptic flow diagram display, real time calibration graph, built-in storage of 2 months 1/4 h average data (up to 1 year with the optional memory extension ), built-in double serial interface (RS 232/RS 422) for remote control & maintenance, automatic remote data acquisition with WINLOAD software (download WinLOAD at the bottom page)
    Ranges : 0-10/ 25 / 50 /100 / 200 ppm or user selectable ranges
    Gas Filter Correlation Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, Model CO12M

THC (total hydrocarbons)
  • Gas Analyzers of Environnement S.A:
    3 different versions:
    - gas analyzer GRAPHITE 52M-S : Total VOC monitoring
    - gas analyzer GRAPHITE 52M-D : Simultaneous Total VOC and methane monitoring
    - gas analyzer GRAPHITE 52M - W : T VOC monitoring on 2 independent lines
    Burners placed in a heated furnace, up to 191°C allowing measurement of high concentrations of heavy hydrocarbons.
    Real time calibration graph.
    Long-life catalysator with high efficiency.
    Built-in storage of 2 months 1/4 h average data (up to 1 year with the optional memory extension.
    Internal zero and burner air scrubber.
    Ranges: 0-10/100/1 000/10 000 ppm
    Heated FID Total Volatile Organic Compounds Analyzer, Model GRAPHITE 52M

  • Gas Analyzers of MKS GAS Analysis:
    The MultiGas™ 2030 HS gas analyzer is a high resolution FTIR based gas analyzer designed to monitor automobile, diesel and catalyst combustion exhaust at 5 Hz sampling frequencies. The analyzer is designed to allow gas flows up to an exceeding 100 L/min with no back pressure or acoustic gas cell noise generated that could degrade the quantitative measurement. Twenty plus (20+) gases can be quantified simultaneously at this frequency without any reporting delays. Samples containing up to 30% absolute water content can be monitored without chillers by maintaining the gas temperature and appropriate particulate filtration. Detection limits of 1 ppm or less are achievable with this analyzer by using higher sensitivity narrower range MCT detectors. The system comes calibrated for 1 atm gas pressures at both 150°C and 191°C (for diesel applications).
    The MultiGas™ 2030 HS analyzer is composed of a high speed 0.5 cm-1 process-hardened FTIR spectrometer. The spectrometer is coupled to a patented 5.11 m high- optical-throughput 200 mL gas sampling cell with 1/2 inch plumbing to reduce backpressure and allow for higher flows. The analyzer generally incorporates a high sensitivity liquid nitrogen cooled MCT that can maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 12 hours on a single charge. The system is delivered complete with easy to use software and health diagnostics, calibration, installation and training.
    Most molecules except for N2, H2, and O2
    MultiGasTM FTIR based Analyzer
  • Gas Analyzers of HORIBA:
    Simultaneously measures CO, unburned HC (as n-hexane), and CO2 in automotive exhaust, using NDIR technology. Highly reliable with a long service life, BE-140 AD is certified for the three-gas portion of BAR-97 when incorporated into an exhaust-gas analysis system with sampling and control functions.
    Consists of solid-state infrared detectors, a microprocessor, and miniature mechanical components in a compact package. An optional galvanic cell measures O2. The unit can be wired for NO measurements, using either BE-220 or a electrochemical sensor.
    The microprocessor provides fully calibrated gas concentration values with compensation for atmospheric-pressure changes.
    Measured Components and Ranges:
    CO: 0 to 10 vol%
    HC (n-Hexane): 0 to 10,000 ppm
    CO2: 0 to 20 vol%
    O2: 0 to 25 vol% (option)
    NO: 0 to 5000 ppm (option)
    BE-140 AD -- Five-Gas Bench
  • Gas Analyzers of Sensors, Inc.:
    1. The Microbench Module is used to determine the different concentrations in automobile exhaust gas. The MicroBench measures carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons as propane (C3H8) or hexane (C6H14). Using an optional electrochemical cell, oxygen and Nitric Oxide (NOx) can also be determined.
      HC Standard Range: 0-2,000 ppm Hexane; 0-4,000 ppm Propane
      HC High Range: 0-20,000 ppm Hexane; 0-40,000 ppm Propane
      CO: 0-10%
      CO2 0-16%
      O2 * 0-25%
      NOx * 0-5000 ppm
      *- optional through an electrochemical sensors
      Automotiive Miicrobench II
    2. The product utilizes an innovative technique for measuring exhaust volume. This technique, coupled with current low cost NDIR gas analyzers, provides for a highly accurate and repeatable mass measurement system suitable for transient, steady state, and even idle test procedures.
      Grams Hexane: 10 ėg/second
      Grams CO: 100 ėg/second
      Grams CO2: 1,000 ėg/second
      Grams NOx: 10 ėg/second
      Vehicle Mass Analysis System (VMAS)
  • Gas Analyzers of Siemens:
    1. Gas-filled detectors including the microflow technology guarantee highest selectivity and reproducibility measuring CO, CO2 and HC. In addition electrochemical type O2 and NO sensors can be used.
      The four-component SIBENCH is equipped with an additional NDIR channel for NO. In comparison with the electrochemical NO sensor the NDIR measurement has an unlimited lifetime and a higher accuracy.
      AUTOCAL with ambient air means regular span corrections are not necessary.
      Automatic correction of changing barometric pressure and temperature.
      CO measuring range: 0 to 14 Vol %
      CO2 measuring range: 0 to 18 Vol %
      O2 measuring range: 0 to 25 Vol %
      HC measuring range: 0 to 9999 volume ppm
      PEF factor: 0.53 for every bench
      NO measuring range (NDIR): 0 to 5000 volume ppm
      NDIR Bench for Exhaust Tester SIBENCH
    2. The gas analyzer ULTRAMAT 13L enables exact monitoring and determination of the concentration of the components CO, CO2 and HC in automotive exhaust gases based on NDIR technology. Gas-filled detectors with unrivalled microflow sensors guarantee highest selectivity and reproducibility when measuring these component gases.
      CO measuring range: 0 to 10 Vol %
      CO2 measuring range: 0 to 18 Vol %
      O2 measuring range: 0 to 21 Vol %
      HC measuring range: 0 to 9999 volume ppm
      PEF factor: 0.53 for every bench
      NO measuring range (NDIR): 0 to 5000 volume ppm
      ULTRAMAT 13L, Exhaust-Gas Tester for Gasoline Engines

Previous and Other Components by In-Situ Instruments
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