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Extractive Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Opacity Monitors & Dust Monitors
  • BCC:
    1. Light Fluctuation Method of Measurement
      The whole sensor system is consisting of emitter head and receiving head which locate at the opposite side of the flue
      In the emitter head, a light-emitting diode with high power is installed and emits light pulse of which wavelength and frequency is fixed. The light pulse passes through the flue gas and is received by receiving head. When particulate in flue gas passing through infrared light beam, the intensity of which is directly proportional to the particulate concentration
      Operating range: 0-12 m
      Ambient temperature: -20 oC ~ 50 oC.
      Flue gas temperature: -30 oC ~ +1100 oC.
      Measuring range: 0.001~9999 mg/m3
      Response time: < 1 sec
      Linearity: 0.5 %
      Outputs Signal: 4-20 mA/0-10V
      • Using the dynamic measuring principle to increase the precision of test result.
      • In built flexibility, the concentration of particulate to be monitored feeds back to intelligent control equipment or data recording equipment through the analog output of 4-20mA or 0-10V.
      • Unique system of protective gas to ensure clean surface probe.
      • Apply to the electricity, metallurgy, cement, high-temperature incineration industries fever.
      KSP-I-1000D Particle Analyzer
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